Moscow teachers are being checked for ties with trade unions

The Federal Security Service (FSB) in Moscow is assembling a list of schools that have ties to new democratic trade unions and NGOs. The Moscow Municipal Department of Education ordered all Moscow schools to report on such contacts.


The Directive is addressed to school principals and it states the following: “Due to a request received from the Moscow FSB, you must provide information on official interactions of the education institution that you head with the following organizations:

- NGO “Interregional Trade Union of Education Employees “Uchitel,”

- regional public foundation “Prosveschenie,”

- regional public foundation  “Perspektiva,” and

- representatives of any public organizations related to implementation of a youth education project “School Without Racism.”


The Directive also states that these reports must be submitted as soon as possible on school letterhead and signed by schools principals. An employee of a Moscow’s school district confirmed the receipt of this Directive. However, she was not sure why this information was requested as “the FSB does not explain anything.” The Moscow Municipal Department of Education refused to discuss any matters related to its work with the FSB. The FSB did not comment on the situation.


The FSB developed these new initiatives in the education sector after Major General Alexei Dorofeev was appointed to head the Moscow FSB office. Alexei Dorofeev used to head the Karelia FSB and left his position after the Kondopoga events, he then continued his service in the FSB headquarters where he headed department “M” that monitors security agencies.


Andrei Demidov, a Co-chair of the Interregional Trade Union “Uchitel,” is aware of the inspections. He believes that the inspections are either a result of unyielding social demands put forward by the union and the union’s participation in the opposition protests or they are connected to the FSB’s search for foreign agents conducted to implement the new NGO law. Andrei Demidov stressed that his union receives no foreign funding. 

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