Unilever rejects the negotiation on wage

5oJkXAgSs0A.jpgAt the end of November 2013 the union of workers hired in the enterprises of ‘Unilever Rus’ in Omsk region demanded from ‘Unilever’ to begin the negotiation between the union and the employer on the wage increase.

The union nominated the following requirements to the management of the company:
1.    The wage indexing for the official inflation rate according to the article 134 of the Russian Labor Code.
2.    The negotiation on the wage increase.
3.    The agreement on the cooperation between the management and the union in the sphere of the annual wage increase.

The management does not reject the indexing but it rejected the negotiation with the union on the wage increase (more than inflation rate) and the agreement with the union. It is very important issue for the union and the workers because the indexation does not allow workers to increase their standard of living but remains in at the best. The workers strive to the real wage increase.

Responding to the union’s requirements the employer informed that the company is ready to continue the meetings which have the informational and consultative character and do not bind the company. The union demands the equal negotiations and the agreement which would be binding and guarantee the annual indexing and the negotiations on the wage increase.  

The management does not meet halfway to the union and turns the attempts to begin the real negotiations into the informational meetings. Therefore, the union has begun the campaign for the negotiations on the wage increase. During the campaign the union members collected the signatures of the workers supporting the demands of the union and held a flash mob, bearing the stickers with the symbols of Novoprof and slogan ‘We support the demands of the union!’.

The interregional trade union Novoprof absolutely supports the demands its affiliate in Omsk and is ready to help in the struggle of its members with all possibility including support in Russia and abroad.



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