ITAR-TASS about our public statement

On September 15th, the Russian Government announced a fund to assist Russian enterprises affected by sanctions. The fund will be raised by raiding the national Pension Fund and Health Insurance Fund, eliminating wage increases for civil servants, and reducing housing and utilities payments. 


(see http://www.dw.de/russia-to-create-corporate-aid-fund-tapping-pensions/a-17922164)   


The Russian Confederation of Labor (KTR) issued a public statement "On the Russian Federation Draft Budget for 2015-2017," carried by ITAR-TASS:


"This draft budget includes measures that affect social rights of workers and most vulnerable people on our society... This is another attempt of the economic advisers of the government to have the working people and retirees pay for the global financial and economic crisis and their own mistakes. We believe that the government must not do the bidding of radical economic liberals and can balance the budget in other ways. We could suggest some such measures. For example, elimination of the flat tax rate will allow to redistribute the burden of overcoming the crisis away from the poor to more prosperous members in our society.  


"The Confederation of Labor of Russia expresses its strong opposition to the social policy measures of the draft budget.


"The Russian Federation Finance Ministry calls this draft budget a "mobilizing" budget. We are ready to take up this challenge.


"We state that if this draft budget is confirmed and submitted to the Federal Assembly, the KTR will mobilize its members and social movements' activists for protests throughout the country. The goal and the demand of these protests will be the resignation of the government which solves economic problems ... on the backs of the poor."

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