Cooperation With Norwegian Partners Continues

The Seafarers’ Union of Russia (affiliated with the Confederation of Labour of Russia, KTR) and a Norwegian company, Wilson Ship Management, signed a new collective agreement for 2018—2020. On 12 December, Yury Sukhorukov, the SUR Chairman, Alexander Krasnoshtan, Chairman of the Board of the SUR Northern Territorial Organization, Thorbjørn Dalsøren, General Director of Wilson Ship Management and Andrey Lukin, Managing Director of Wilson Crewing Agency co-signed the document. In doing so, the parties extended their long-term cooperation.

Preliminary consultations lasted from August, and on the day of signing, the negotiators did not get up from the table for six hours.

“We had disagreements, the discussion had taken much time”, says Thorbjørn Dalsøren. “But in the end, we reached a compromise solution and agreed with the union’s position that investing in seafarers means investing in the future of the company. Despite the fact that the crew costs are to rise, this will allow us in the foreseeable future to increase the level of operation of vessels and labor productivity.”

The difficult negotiations were worth it: a new collective agreement, which comes into effect on 1 January, ensures that the union members working at Wilson Ship Management will be covered by the SUR insurance programs. In addition, the seafarers’ wages will increase by 3%. In 2019, it will increase by 1%, in 2020—by 2%.

“While there are understandable disagreements, we consider the Seafarers’ Union of Russia a reliable partner, with whom, hopefully, we will continue our cooperation in the future,” Thorbjørn Dalsøren said.

“Partnership with Wilson Ship Management is very important for us," says Yuri Sukhorukov. “For Arkhangelsk, where the company’s office is located, it is a key foreign partner, as well as for the union as a whole it plays a significant role: after all, they have 1,200 of our seafarers employed. I am delighted that in the end we came to understand that the welfare of seafarers comes first.”

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