The PERC Youth has discussed issues of the trade union movement and the world of work

On November 28—29 the sixth Youth Conference of the Pan-European Regional Council (PERC) of the ITUC was held in Prague (Czech Republic). The conference was participated by young trade union activists representing trade unions of Azerbaijan, Albania, Armenia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Moldova, Northern Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine.

The delegation of the Confederation of Labor of Russia (KTR) included Alexander Nurik, head of the Information Department of the KTR, Vice-President of the fifth PERC Youth Committee (2017—2019), and Yury Varlamov, who is a teacher, lawyer specialized in international and labour law, activist of the Trade union of education workers “Teacher.”

The PERC Youth has discussed issues of the trade union movement and the world of work

The conference discussed issues related to the future of the world of work, the digitalization of the economy, and the expansion of informal employment practices. They discussed ways and possibilities of developing trade unions in a changing world, trade union campaigns, organizing of workers, and issues of the political and socio-economic agenda of the trade union movement.

A separate session was devoted to the problems of violations of trade union rights in the PERC region, including the countries of Western Europe, the Balkan countries, countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Within the framework of this session, the conference participants discussed conducting campaigns in support of trade unions and trade union activists subjected to pressure and arrests, building effective mechanisms for international trade union solidarity, and trade union cooperation with human rights and social movements.

The elections of the new Youth Committee of PERC were held, in which six representatives from the trade union centers of Albania, Georgia, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, and Ukraine were elected. The representative of the Confederation of Labor of Russia Yury Varlamov was elected to the position of Vice-President of the Youth Committee of PERC.

During the conference, a list of the main directions of the committee’s work for the next two years (2019—2021) were discussed and formed, including building solidarity networks and organizing joint campaigns, studying technological and social changes in the world of work, and disseminating of organizing practices.

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