KTR supports the adoption of an effective law against domestic violence

Low.jpgThe Confederation of Labor of Russia is confident that our country needs an effective and really active law against domestic violence. Unfortunately, the current version of legislative proposal, published on November 20, 2019, is significantly underdog compared with the original version. In this regard, the KTR Executive Committee addresses the President of the Russian Federation, the heads of the Federation Council and the State Duma.

The appeal emphasizes that the victims of domestic violence are most often women, children, elderly family members. About 80% of Russian women of working age are involved in labor activities. This means that the experience of violence is somehow transferred to the workplace. Physical and moral injuries as results of domestic violence not only often cause irreparable harm to the health of victims, but they also obviously affect the ability of victims of violence to conduct productive work. This leads to the loss of economic independence of victims of violence, which only exacerbates their dependence on aggressive partners, especially if they working women with minor children. In 2019, the International Labor Organization (ILO), of which the Russian Federation is a member, adopted the really important documents: Convention No. 190 “On the Elimination of Violence and Harassment at Work” and its accompanying Recommendation No. 206. These documents draw attention to the negative impact of domestic violence on employment, productivity and security. The Convention requires each ILO member state to take appropriate measures to recognize the effects of domestic violence on the world of work and to ensure that the necessary measures are taken to address them.

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