Resolution for gender gender equality in the world of work, in trade unions and in society

DimaElina.pngResolution for gender equality gender equality in the world of work, in trade unions and in society

X Congress of Confederation of Labor of Russia

Moscow, 25.05.2019

For gender equality in the world of work, in trade unions and in society

Almost 80% of women and 85% of men — this is the gender statistics of the level of participation in the workforce of the Russian Federation of the population of working age. At the same time, direct and indirect discrimination remains essential features of women's employment, including:

 - the gender pay gap in the Russian Federation reaches 30% (with an average world level of 20 per cent);

 - low pay in sectors with predominantly female employment-health care, education, social work, while these areas are key to ensuring the well-being of citizens and society as a whole;

 - unpaid work, the so-called "second shift" - homework, caring for dependent family members, which is traditionally assigned to women, making them undesirable employees;

 - discriminatory list of 456 professions prohibited for women in Russia;

 - various forms of gender-based violence (from the sexist atmosphere in the workplace to direct sexual harassment), ignoring the problem of domestic violence.

Many male employees "pay" with their health and short life expectancy for the obligation to be a "breadwinner", for intensive employment, work in harmful conditions, with reduced control over its protection and safety, and deprive themselves of the opportunity to spend more time communicating with children and loved ones.

The 10th Congress of the Confederation of Labor of Russia calls on the Government of the Russian Federation, the State Duma of the Russian Federation and other federal authorities:

 - actively promote the achievement of equal rights and equal opportunities for women and men in the social and labor sphere;

 - cancel the list of professions prohibited for women - jobs must be safe for health and certified by employers equally suitable for both men and women;

- make access to education, healthcare, and the sphere of social services for care a priority in social development, while ensuring decent wages for those employed in these sectors, and increase the share of men in them;

- proceed in the implementation of social policy from the need to develop human capital, which implies the possibility for all workers to achieve a life-work balance;

 - introduce fathers' paternity l leave (quotas), widely promote this practice in order to overcome gender stereotypes and encourage employers to reconsider labor organization;

 - completely refuse to consider proposals to remove abortions from the compulsory health insurance, which is formed, inter alia, from taxes received from working women; restricting women's access to terminating unwanted pregnancies is reproductive violence;

 - adopt a law on domestic violence, which will help preserve the physical and mental health of many working women;

 - return to the educational sphere educational projects aimed at overcoming gender stereotypes and forming children's ideas about the importance of gender equality, including in the social and labor sphere.

The 10th Congress of the Confederation of Labor of Russia calls on the Government of the Russian Federation and The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs at the 108th session of the International Labor Conference, which will be held from 10 to 21 June 2019, to support the adoption of the Convention against Violence and Harassment in the World of Work, supplemented with Recommendations. After the adoption of the Convention, ensure its early ratification and implementation of its provisions and norms in Russian legislation.

The 10th Congress of the Russian Confederation of Labor requires federal, regional and local authorities and employers' associations:

 - take measures to ensure equal access to modern high-paying jobs;

  - work to reduce and, in the short term, close the gender pay gap;

 - create and develop organizations social services and care that facilitate the situation of employees with family responsibilities.

Realizing the importance of strengthening the gender agenda in the trade union movement and realizing that without a real commitment to gender equality ideas, trade unions have no future, the 10th Congress of the Russian Confederation of Labor calls on its member organizations:

 - work more actively with gender issues: any planned activity, including the development of strategies, should be evaluated in terms of
possible impacts on women and men; ongoing trade union activities should be carried out under the slogan " Gender mainstreaming - in every action, in every document and in every program of the trade unions»;

 - organize regular work to educate its members and other employees in the spirit of gender equality;

 - seek to take into account the specific interests of women and workers with family responsibilities in collective agreements and arrangements, including by including women - members of a trade unions in collective bargaining;

 - to make continuous efforts to draw women, persons with family responsibilities and young people into the trade union ranks, to create conditions for their more active participation in the activities of trade union organizations and in decision-making processes;

- actively promote women in the governing bodies of trade unions at all levels; commit themselves to increase the number and influence of women in their organizations to 30% by 2023.

 Without gender equality, there can be no just, free and democratic society!

The fight for gender equality is a condition for strengthening trade unions and the basis of a strong trade union movement!

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