Let's keep the right of working parents to child care allowance

falfare.pngThe Commission on Gender Equality of the Confederation of Labour of Russia proposes to clarify the norm for the payment of childcare allowance for children under 1.5. In September 2019, a draft federal law “On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on Compulsory Social Insurance” was submitted for public discussion on regulation.gov.ru.

The draft law was prepared by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation and, among other things, provides for the payment of a childcare allowance for a child under 1.5 years old only if the receiving parent (“the insured person”) personally takes care of the child. Thus, the legislative proposal threatens the well-being of a huge number of families who are forced to combine part-time work with caring for children to ensure the necessary standard of living. First of all, families in which income from employment of the mother of a young child are the main source of income will be affected.

The Ministry approaches this problem exclusively bureaucratically, not taking into account the diversity of forms of employment and the participation of all family members in caring for a child. As a result, the institution of the new norm will worsen the financial situation of families with children and will encourage the move of working women to informal employment in order to maintain childcare allowance.

The Commission on Gender Equality proposes the following addition to the legislative proposal : «The right of the insured person to receive a monthly childcare allowance is retained if the insured person works on a part-time basis during the period of parental leave, the duration of which is less than 100% of the standard employment in this field and in the corresponding position. ”

This edition will allow the mother of the child (or other carer) to work less than 40 hours a week (in the case of a regular working week of 40 hours) and not lose the childcare allowance. Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation loses the opportunity to deprive her of the childcare allowance on the assumption that she does not provide care.

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