The campaign for ratification of Convention 190 were discussed in the Gender Commission

2.jpgAt the interregional meeting of the KTR Commission on Gender Equality (Moscow, February 15, 2020), a new report of the KTR Expert Council on the gender pay gap in the Russian Federation was presented. Currently, the average salary of men is almost 40% higher than the salaries of women, which means that only on April 12 (with a difference of 103 days) will Russian women receive the amount of salary that men received at the end of the previous year. Only a third of this gap is explained by measurable factors - the horizontal segregation of labor, maternity leave, age, place of residence, etc. The rest of the difference is due to discrimination, gender stereotypes. Following the discussion of the report, it was decided to create a working group to develop recommendations for trade unions on actions to reduce the gender gap.

The meeting participants discussed ways for the trade unions to participate in the campaign to ratify Convention 190 against violence and harassment at work, in advocacy, in collecting information about manifestations of unacceptable behavior, in assessing risks at work, in promoting the issues in collective bargaining.

The Commission reminds the trade unions leadership of the recommendations of Resolution of X of the Congress of the KTR (05/18/2019) “For Gender Equality in the World of Labor, in Trade Unions and in the Society” on strengthening the gender agenda in organizations and requests the information about the work in this direction.


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