Experts discussed gender- based violence in the world of work

gender.jpgAn expert discussion on gender-based violence at work took place in Moscow on March 4. The event was organized by the Center for Social and Labor Rights and The Commission for Gender Equality of the Confederation of Labor of Russia. The meeting was opened by KTR President Boris Kravchenko, who expressed KTR's commitment to promoting the gender agenda and fighting against gender-based violence in the world of work. 

Olga Miryasova ( Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences,  Trade Union "Teacher"), Valeria Utkina (Higher School of Economics), Maria Kurzina (IUF) spoke about the challenges faced by researchers trying to study the existence and extent of the harassment, on data obtained in different areas of employment, and on approaches, combining research and further actions to improve the safety of the working environment and activate trade unions work.

The report of Yulia Ostrovskaya (program Director of the Center for Social and Labor Rights) and Irina Gorshkova (Executive Secretary for Gender Equality of KTR) was about the ILO Convention No. 190 and plans for a campaign to promote the Convention in Russia. Gocha Alexandria, senior specialist of the ILO Bureau for workers ' activities (ACTRAV), spoke about the overall strategy of the ILO to promote Convention No. 190 at the global level and about the prospects for cooperation between the Russian trade union movement, social partners and the ILO in promoting the Convention.

Why trade unions can and should raise questions about responding to violence and harassment at work, what the accumulated experience shows - the topics raised in the speeches of Natalia Nikulova (the Interregional Trade Union Workers Association (ITUWA) and Kirill Buketov (IUF). 

One of the important points made at the meeting is that trade unions, human rights organizations, and NGOs that raise questions about the right to work without violence and harassment should themselves take appropriate measures to ensure that their own internal environment is safe for employees and colleagues.

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