In Russia, sharply increased the number of unemployed

migrant.jpgIn Russia on the background of the pandemic coronavirus from the beginning of April 2020 soared, the number of unemployed. The country was actually unemployed every tenth able-bodied citizen, writes “Interfax” with reference to the President of the Confederation of labour of Russia Boris Kravchenko.

According to him, at the beginning of April the number of registered unemployed in Russia amounted to 800 thousand people. However, when assessing the methodology of the International labour organization (takes into account not only the registered unemployed but all actually unemployed), their number amounted to more than 4.5 million people.

Recent data suggests that the number of registered unemployed in Russia is already 1.4 million people, said Kravchenko. Thus, the methods of the organization, the overall unemployment rate in the country could reach 8 million people. “It is clear that this is a very approximate figure, but agree with it very many experts”, he added.

According to the methodology of the International labour organization, to include unemployed persons in the economically active age, which at the time of the study had no job (income) was engaged in job search and were ready to start working during the surveyed week. Pupils, students, pensioners and disabled people are among the unemployed if they were seeking work and were ready to start it.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that the number of unemployed in the country reached 1.4 million people (twice the level of early April). He called the situation difficult and require complex support measures.


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