The report on violence and harassment in the world of work in the Russia has been published

Con190-1.jpgThe Confederation of Labor of Russia has published the full text of the report "The Review on the Violence and Harassment Situation within the Perspective of Adoption and Ratification of the ILO Convention № 190 in the Russian Federation», which was prepared by the Commission on Gender Equality and the Expert Center of KTR. The report describes the positions of social partners, provides an overview of researches on the topic, the representation of the problem in the information space of Russia. The chapter on legal means of protection against violence and harassment in the world of work includes an analysis of the reasons for the ineffectiveness of the current legislation, judicial practice is presented, a discussion in the legal community about the necessity and prospects for ratification of ILO Convention № 190.  

In the "For discussion" section, the authors took into account the ideas and suggestions expressed by the participants of the of/online presentation of the report held in December 2021.

The Russian version of the report and the English translation can be found at the link.

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