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International Day for Care: invest in care!
29 октября международный день ухода и поддержки
On the International Day for Care, 29 October, ITUC calls on governments to invest in care to build resilient and just societies and economies that are rooted in equality.

Good care systems are essential as populations grow, societies age and global crises, including the climate emergency, create greater need across populations.

However, decades of austerity, under funding, deregulation and privatisation have weakened systems of care, including public health and early childhood education services.

The global care workforce, of which two-thirds are women, has faced the impact of these policies, trapping millions in jobs where they are overworked, under paid and stuck in precarious work.

Furthermore, the unfair distribution of unpaid care work, of which 76 per cent is done by women, perpetuates the gender gap in labour force participation of 27 per cent and the gender pay gap that remains frozen at 20 per cent.

Source: ITUC

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